"When I saw this #ethical & #sustainable T-shirt from Babe Universe (Babe On A Mission) I was in love. It describes me so well."

Supermodel and Philanthropist 

 "Finally a T-shirt that truly gets me - and it's eco-conscious too!! As soon as I saw it I just KNEW I had to get one. Obsessed! Can I wear it everyday?"

Founder, Role Model Management
San Francisco, California

"I absolutely adore my Babe Universe tee! It has the softest material and a super flattering but casual and timeless fit. It's definitely one of my go-to's. And it's the perfect present as well." 

Co-Founder, @thesegirlscom
Munich, Germany 


"At first, I was hesitant to get the Babe Universe t-shirt thinking that the fact they are so eco-friendly would maybe make them not as durable as the average t-shirts. I mean I do care for the environment, but I want quality, too. Luckily, Babe Universe surprised me - no matter how much I wear their t-shirts (and living in Bali where it's hot and humid, I wear them A LOT), they still stay like new. Definitely recommend!"

Founder of Makara Wear
Bali, Indonesia


"The quality of Babe Universe clothes is just amazing! It's the art of simplicity and minimalism in the comfiest way possible. Highly impressed. Kudos!"

Fashion Stylist
Bali, Indonesia


"Quality. Style. Simplicity. It's my favorite t-shirt and I wear it so often that even my husband says, "Hey, don't you have anything else to wear?". No lie! Will definitely buy again." 

Make Up Artist

''Hands down, my favorite t-shirts! Super soft, comfy, eco-friendly and they go well with any outfit!''

Book Author and Lifestyle Blogger

"Babe Universe is more than just high quality and beautiful design. It's about ecology, loving the planet, and making this world a better place. When I wear their t-shirts, I feel like I'm a part of a bigger movement." 

Fashion Blogger


''I'm a huge fan of Babe Universe t-shirts! A pair of jeans + their eco-friendly tees is my favorite outfit when I want to look casual yet chic. Being a fashionista, over the years I bought many, many t-shirts - from cheap ones to really expensive ones, and I can say that nothing compares to Babe Universe t-shirts in terms of quality and style. Bravo!'' 

Fashion Photographer


"T-shirts with a message to the world! Top customer service. Love Babe Universe." 

Event Stylist & Interior Decorator



"I love what Babe Universe stands for and what this company is doing for women empowerment. Their message is both simple and meaningful. I'm glad to be a part of it." 

Image Consultant