Fashion industry is screwed up - it's the 3rd largest pollutant in the world. That's why Babe Universe is here to offer an alternative and change this. 

One of the industry's most frequently used materials is cotton, and unfortunately, it's among the most pesticide-intensive crops on the planet. To make matters worse, cotton is a very water-thirsty crop. Wrap your head around this, babe - it takes 2,700 liters of water (400 gallons) to produce an average cotton t-shirt! 

Upon learning these insane stats, Babe Universe was born to come to the rescue and offer an alternative for your favorite cotton t-shirt. As opposed to the t-shirts you buy on high-street (even those that say they're 'eco-friendly' and have a greenwashing tag), our t-shirts are REALLY as sustainable as it gets.  

First, they're GOTS organic cotton certified - that's the strictest standard in the industry. Babe Universe t-shirts are produced in a wind-powered factory in Northern India, where monsoon rains ensure there's very little extra water needed for the cotton production. Also, instead of using harmful pesticides, our cotton growers use good old cow poo, insect traps and co planting techniques. 

So, when you buy a t-shirt from us, you can be sure that your new favorite tee will be good for you, good for the environment, and your purchase will be a small step towards a better, more sustainable, Planet. 

Remember - babes like you will change the world. Be wise. Get educated. Join the #fashionrevolution.