Meet Our Team


Elizabeth studied International Politics in London and in the US, and that's how she first got exposed to the ideas of women empowerment and environmental politics. After watching The True Cost documentary about the horrors in the clothing industry, this fashionista babe felt it was her mission to bring more ethics and sustainability into the fashion industry. Her views were greatly inspired by her passion for yoga, and all things mind-body-spirit. When Elizabeth is not hustling for Babe Universe, she's a wellness coach who aims to help women live their best lives - while providing them with the coolest eco friendly t-shirts, of course. 


  •                                                                                                   YULIA BODROVA 
                                                                                                       Brand Manager                                                                                     

Meet the new Babe Universe brand manager! Yulia loves Planet Earth just as much as she loves fashion. In fact, she has her own sustainable fashion brand YUBO collection. Yulia holds a degree in Health Sciences which taught her how to provide first aid to people. However, she realized that our Planet Earth needs first aid even more. That is why she started the journey to fight climate change through fashion. Her motto is “Have less, do more, be more” - and she tries to live by it every day!