Our Women Empowerment Project #PROJEKTASWONDERWOMAN

We are super happy and super excited to tell you about our newest project with @birute_mineralinis_vanduo to raise awareness about the importance of self-love and to help  the woman in crisis! #sisterhood
Giving a woman a voice is what our society needs and we all must hear it! 
We asked a few gorgeous and powerful #wonderwoman to share their stories that they all think every woman in crisis and who is searching for answers should hear and that might help them. There are all the Babes who joined for this empowering #selflove campaign and it is so nice to have them all! 
Let's make our voices timeless and remind every woman how important is to love yourself! 
the first #wonderwoman to share their thoughts on self-love. It so sad to see people idealizing others lives, but we need to remember that no one and no one's life are perfect. We are all equal and the world needs everyone, no matter what they are doing. And the most important thing for Simona and for all us should be, is not to forget how important is to fall in love with your life, book, country, the colour of your lipstick, new dress, sport, song or recipe and most important how important is to fall in love with yourself every single day. 
It's so popular to give everyone and everything labels - says Indre. Are you not a "wonder" if your life flows with no storms? Every woman is special no matter if your life is worth movie script or not. We grow with love, with friends, loved ones or without them. With or without the label "wonder" all people are important and we need to remember that to yourself and remind it to others!
Sharing a story online that is personal can be really hard, but it's also important to raise the awareness of it. Agne's best friend almost a year ago experienced something that for a woman or mother would be a real nightmare and terrible a lost. She saw her crying, living or better to say existing. She lost what she did not know yet. But with all that she became strong and she had no doubt that she would become a mother again. And today she is a wonderful mother of two! Agne's best friend is amazing because she found the strengths to go forward, believe in herself and to love herslef because she is a #wonderwoman who can do everything!
Standards - how you need to look, speak, how to behave. From childhood Karolina experienced bullying, because she was different. Comparing yourself to other girl and feeling bad about yourself and that made Karolina to have a low self-esteem. She tried to become someone she was not and then suddenly something changed. She did not want to be something she wasn't - she wanted to be herself. And that made her happier than she had ever been. We all have that super power that we need to find deep inside yourself. We only have one life so let's live as we desire!
A small victory - when you spot yourself thinking and accepting the fear of that you will not please everyone and that is the first step to letting yourself free. So many women are creating and they are on top of everything and in the future they will have many similar women behind them who supports and encourages them. Even thought #wonderwoman is a label today today it symbolizes truth!
Making a #wonderwoman platform to talk about modern woman life experiences and difficulties. Seeing many of her friends suffering from different kinds of disorders makes Elžbieta think that our society promotes the values that are concentrated on obsessing over your appearance, unreal media standards and  desire to have everything - and that is a one huge and hurtful disorder. Calling a friend to talk about struggles when it's hard, because together we are all stronger. Wonder Woman - is not a woman who doesn't have crisis or difficulties. It is a woman who overcomes them and inspire others to do the same. Going throw the love road is hard, but going throgh it together it's easier!
It's easy to break down. It's easy to blame the world because it does not go as you want. But it's way harder to step a little step forward. We all are labeled and being jugd no matter if you are famous or not. Everyone knows this feeling when you think "what other people will think". Having mistakes and learning from it is normal. You just fix your crown and go on with your life. So don't suffer from the questions "why me? "why always me?" and please think about that some other time. And now, live!
Leonora Ribini was as young as Karolina now and she participated in the resistence against the occupation, she was fighting for freedom. Many women at that time suffered, because they were fighting for their beliefs. Times change, but our courage not to give up, to love and to fight even when you think you don't have forces to - that is the true value. Women with values are what makes a world a better place to live! Don't forget that #womderwoman!
We are happy to share these amazing stories from these real Wonder women! Let's share these #projektaswonderwoman messages with all of your amazing friends and help them if they need you. And don't forget: Love yourself - love the planet! 
All full #projektaswomderwoman stories you can find at their instagram profiles. 

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