Babe @godachka and her top 5 style advice

We met with @godachka one warm and sunny afternoon back in autumn and I immediately realized that she's our kind of babe - not only does she look great and her style is #goals, she also has a very warm, kind, and polite personality. Goda used to work as a buyer assistant for very important clients in London, and today she is pursuing her dreams as an increasingly recognized lifestyle blogger. We asked her to give Babe Universe blog readers her top 5 style tips, and voilà: 


1. My number one advice would be “less is more”. If you like a lot of accessories try to keep the outfit plain, or if you into flashy clothes keep the accessories to minimum. Invest in quality not quantity. 

Babe Universe Wonderwoman tee

2. Don’t match your shoes to your bag, belt to the shoes, or all 3 together. Its a big no-no for me.


3. Try to take one "it's cute but so not me" thing into the fitting room. You never know.

4. Don’t just follow trends, know what fits your figure and always keep that in mind while shopping.

Oslo vibes

5. Invest in good quality shoes and bags. They will last longer and look chic.

More @godachka looks we dig: 


Thank you for the conversation! Like her style as much as we do? Follow Goda on Instagram:


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