Babe @theycallmecandybar / Dayami Candebat

It's so good to see that the fashion industry is changing towards more inclusivity and finally waking up to the fact that beauty doesn't come in one size.  

Our lovely Babe On A Mission Dayami Candebat (@theycallmecandybar) is one of the STUNNING curvy models who are at the forefront of this beauty revolution! Being a curvy fashion model might not always be an easy task, but Dayami owns her confidence and in this way she is inspiring many of us.

 Just look how STRONG, POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL she looks!!! 

Dayami is wearing Babe Universe sustainable "Babe On A Mission" t-shirt that is good for you + good for the planet! And don't forget loving yourself is the greatest revolution!

Join us, Babe!! 

All pictures taken from @theycallmecandybar  Instagram account. 
We do not own rights to these pictures. 

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