Supermodel @PetraNemcova is Babe On A Mission

"I think all women want to feel sexy and confident yet comfortable at the same time in what they wear." -Petra Němcová.

With these words we want to introduce you to one of our sweetest Babe's - Petra. We think you already know some facts about her but we want you to get to know her better. Let's begin!

She is a Czech supermodel, philanthropist and the founder of the Happy Hearts Fund. Her whole life now is consisted of helping the environment and people. Happy Hearts Fund's mission is to help rebuild and renew schools after the tsunami in 2004. She is making the world a better place, without a doubt!!

As a model, she firstly started in Milan, Italy - the fashion capital. She has featured in many famous campaigns such as Cartier, Bulgari, Hohn Lewis and more. Nemcova appeared on international covers of Harper's Bazaar, Elle and many more. So you would say she knows a lot of things about the fashion industry. 

We got super excited when we saw this amazing, powerful women wearing one of the eco-friendly Babe Universe t-shirts on her b-day. We can definitely call her a "Babe On A Mission"!! Because she is one. 

Petra and we all are making the world better for all of us! You can join our little family and be one of the Babe's like Petra. 


All pictures taken from @petranemcova  Instagram account. 

We do not own rights to these pictures. 

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