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Meet @migerda, the gorgeous founder of @makarawear, who loves nothing more than surfing, riding a motorbike, or doing kick-box on the beaches of Bali, a paradise island she calls home. Here's the little interview we did with this babe.

What's the toughest thing you had to deal with/overcome?

Break ups with people you love - but then again every person came into your life for a reason. So appreciate every moment spent with those who are dear to you.

What's one piece of wisdom you learnt about life recently?

Connect to your roots and embrace who you really are. Otherwise if you won't do this, life will make you to do it. By roots – I mean, never lie about who you are and things that make you happy - whether it's yourself or others.

When do you feel most beautiful?

When i do things that I LOVE. Like driving motorbike, sliding on a wave, skating on a pavement or sweating my ass off in Muay Thai. This is when I feel, this is me and that's beautiful.

What's your mission in life?

I have a couple. One of them is to create beauty and inspire other people.

Another one is to help clean our precious oceans from plastic and get rid of this toxic material in this world. I wish people started recycling worldwide, like some small Japanese villages do, I've read some of them recycle 90% of their waste. By the way, that's also one of the reasons I run a sustainable fashion company.

What is a 'wonderwoman' for you?

Wonder woman for me is a woman who lets her self free in an elegant way, she is not afraid to be a boy and a girl. She is okay, to be standing tall, smiling - and she's not afraid to joke when she falls. A wonder woman never looks down on other women. She is brave when making choices and she's always open to receive the goods from the Universe.





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