Babe Of The Week @indrejablonskaite

This week our Babe of the Week is @indrejablonskaite, a self-proclaimed "digital darling", a die-hard fashionista and the founder of a new brand of bracelets called FashionKiosk. 
How would you describe your style in 3 words?
Tomboy, sweet and comfortable with an inner diva.

Who is your style icon/girlcrush? 
It changes every time. For example, for now, I am very much in Hailey Bieber's style because I love the tomboy trend. And who knows, maybe tomorrow i will be all flowers and butterflies.

Your guilty pleasure? 
Pistachio cream :P

Fun/interesting fact about you? 
I don't know how interesting it is, but I am a last-minute person. Forever and ever. Even this interview, I hear the clock making tik tok :) 

The secret of your beauty is...? 
I try to be positive and smile even on the hardest days. When you smile to life, life smiles back at you! 

Best advise you've been given? 
Change your thinking, change your life. And love is the answer, always!

Your favourite Book / Movie / TV Series / Fragrance? 
The Secret has changed my mind (still working on that) / Pretty Woman comes on my mind / Sex and the City / Byredo Mojave Ghost

One way in which you are #ecofriendly is...
Minimizing food waste and composting. I love vintage shops, and I always have my shopping bag ( no plastic bags). We use eco-friendly cleaning products, and lately, I've been trying more and more eco-friendly skincare and some of the makeup products.

Favourite city in the world? 
The world is too big, and I have traveled to little to choose one. But, I always excited and happy in Paris, and Genova makes me feel good!

What are some of your top Instagram accounts for inspiration? 

I quickly get tired of accounts that only sell products and do not give a story through their content. I must feel something about them; If not, it is just another ad catalog!These are the women I am looking up to @Undervoodoo, @karinaross, @mija_mija, @taylorlashae, @jessiekass, @chasing_unicors, @sofiaruutu, @alessa_w, @frederiqueligtvoet, and of course, my beloved @jolie_zocchi...

What do you do when you need some relaxation, self-love, and self-care?

Simple pleasures in life are so important: a daily walk, or sitting in the sun, a cup of coffee. i adore listening to music.Before I go to bed, I write my list for the things I'm grateful for. Some masks or bath and everything is alright!

Something you are you looking forward to? 
#fashionkiosksunday becomes a reality!

What is one message you would like to leave Babe Universe followers with? 
Right now, we're stripped back to the simple things, and it's important to remember and take note of all the small things in life that can expand your happiness and make you feel good. Enjoy the moment!

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