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This week our Babe of the Week is the fabulous @champagnelaite. She simply breathes fashion - you can find her writing about fashion for L'Officiel Lithuania or talking about fashion on her own radio show. Her second talent? Making people laugh. She simply embodies the art of not taking herself too seriously. 


How would you describe your style in 3 words?

CREAMY / Trendy / Minimal


Creamy is in capital letters because recently I fell in love with this color and every tone of it. I just can’t help it, whenever I go shopping I only see and buy creamy clothes

Who is your style icon/girlcrush? 

My two girl crushes are Ruta en Route, I think she will be super big in the future, and I absolutely adore Bella Hadid. I think she is sexy and out-there but at the same time very elegant, feminine and shy.

Your guilty pleasure? 

I have a few which I do regularly - it is sunbathing, watching Friends over and over again, and pancakes.

Fun/interesting fact about you? 

I don’t like cakes, I never eat them, even on my birthdays. I’m not a sweet tooth.

The secret of your beauty is...? 

Sun. I feel prettiest when I am tanned and get tiny freckles all over my face.

Best advise you've been given? 

Don’t have expectations. No expectations is the best expectation. If something goes wrong, you avoid getting hurt or being sad. And if something goes well, you are triple as happy! I’d definitely recommend it to a friend haha

Your favourite Book / Movie / TV Series / Fragrance? 

Book - Paulo Coelho Alchemist / Movie – I haven’t got a favorite one, but I always enjoy Wes Anderson’s movies / TV series – Friends and The Office / Fragrance – I am loving Tom Ford Oud Wood at the moment.

One way in which you are #ecofriendly is...

I’ve been crazy about recycling for three years now, I literally recycle even the tiniest bits. I also try and buy more sustainable clothing.

Favourite city in the world? 

Anywhere by the sea coast.

What are some of your top Instagram accounts for inspiration? 

I love JessHunt2, Mao.geo and as I said before Rutaenroute.

What do you do when you need some relaxation, self-love, and self-care?

I go to the seaside. It gives me this strange energy and relaxes my mind. I need vitamin sea at least once a month.

Something you are you looking forward to? 

I am looking forward to sunny days. I am genuinely a happy person when it’s hot and sunny.

What is one message you would like to leave Babe Universe followers with? 

No emotion is forever. Therefore we have to enjoy, live and appreciate every single emotion that we feel. Oh and also, let yourself be yourself <3



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