5 Ways To Style Your White Tee

Meet your favorite uniform – The Babe Universe T-shirt!
The possibilities of styling are endless - from a light, simple look to an elegant or even party look. You can combine a white T-shirt with almost anything and get the best look!

1. Professional look

To look professional, all you have to do is tuck the white t-shirt into your pants along with a nice belt. A classic jacket, pastel colored heels or flats will complete this look. Minimalist earrings and a watch can also be added. 

2. Bohemian look

Bohemian style - a good idea for warm weather! Combine a white t-shirt with loose pants, skirt or shorts and sandals to create a beach vibe. Add brightly colored earrings, a colorful bag, glasses and complete this fun summer look. 

3. Casual look

To make your look more casual, pair your white t-shirt with your favorite jeans and casual sneakers. Coat or sweater will be a perfect finishing touch to this comfortable look. 

4. Edgy look

If you are looking for a more edgy look with your white t-shirt, you could wear it under a sleek blazer and pair it with some black trousers or leather leggings. Boots and a hat will pull the outfit together nicely. 

5. Party look

When combining your white Tee for a party, make the look more fun with a standout bottom. Tuck your white t-shirt into a high-waist glittered skirt or pants. Compliment the outfit with a pair of heels, wedge sandals or booties and add as many accessories as you'd like to liven up your outfit for a fun night out.

Babe, remember that when you are dressing up a white t-shirt, you should pair it with fun patterns or accessories such as hats, purses, shoes, and jewelry. This will make your look unique.

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