5 Reasons You MUST Go To Bali This Year

@gerdami, the founder of @makarawear and the ultimate 'it' girl is a surfer, entrepreneur, and model currently based in Bali. Below she gives 5 reasons why putting Bali on your 'places to visit' list is an absolute must.

1.You CAN SURF EVERYDAY: yes, it's the only island in the world where they have waves the whole year around. If you never tried it babes, I promise - you will get hooked!
2. You can eat DURIAN, that's not as good as in Malaysia, but still, this is the king of fruits (note: don't judge the fruit by it's smell).
3. Experience the full moon in Bali : full moons on this island always give you a very powerful energetic shift. Go to a nearby temple and attend a full-moon ceremony to experience the most of it - or just sit quietly and meditate on the beach. Let the moonlight in, babes.
4. If you get tired of Bali, you can visit 9,000 islands around Bali. Yup, 9,000 nearby islands - you can never get tired of exploring, right? 
5. Volcanic Black Sand Beaches - seriously, could there be a better location in the world for your perfect Insta shots?

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