• Babe Of The Week @sforsilvija

    This week our Babe of the Week is the fabulous @sforsilvija. This fashion graduate studied in the UK, and today she describes herself as a multi-...
  • Babe Of The Week @champagnelaite

        This week our Babe of the Week is the fabulous @champagnelaite. She simply breathes fashion - you can find her writing about f...
  • Babe Of The Week @minulinasimona

  • #BODYPOSITIVITY Campaign With @kancaite from, A New Agency in Town

    We're proud to present our little collaboration with a curvy model and a body positivity activist Rugile Kancaite @kancaite. She is one of the r...
  • Valentine's Day #SELFLOVE campaign: Babe Universe x Gintarė Ramančionytė

    Finally, the fashion and beauty industries are awakening to the fact that one doesn't need to look like a photoshopped Cosmopolitan cover girl to be and feel beautiful. Here at Babe Universe we believe that real beauty is beyond age, size, skin colour etc. Real beauty comes from within, from your personality, from fully embracing the gorgeous person that you are - so-called 'flaws' and all. 
  • Our Women Empowerment Project #PROJEKTASWONDERWOMAN

    We are super happy and super excited to tell you about our newest project with @birute_mineralinis_vanduo to raise awareness about the importance of self-love and to help the woman in crisis! #sisterhood Giving a woman a voice is what our society needs and we all must hear it!
  • Babe @theycallmecandybar / Dayami Candebat

    It's so good to see that the fashion industry is changing towards more inclusivity and finally waking up to the fact that beauty doesn't come in one size. Our lovely Babe On A Mission Dayami Candebat (@theycallmecandybar) is one of the STUNNING curvy models who are at the forefront of this beauty revolution! 
  • British pop star @EllieGoulding spotted wearing Babe Universe t-shirt!

    If you have not seen or heard anything about what happened a few days ago we are REALLY excited to tell you now!

    Yes, you have already saw the photos above and YES British pop star Ellie Goulding was wearing one of the eco-friendly Babe Universe AU

  • Supermodel @PetraNemcova is Babe On A Mission

    "I think all women want to feel sexy and confident yet comfortable at the same time in what they wear." -Petra Němcová.

    Meet Karolina Meschino - social media influencer, fashion icon and finally - a major babes! She always shares her passions, kindness and courage with others and that inspires many young women.
  • Babe @godachka and her top 5 style advice

    We met with @godachka one warm and sunny afternoon back in autumn and I immediately realized that she's our kind of babe - not only does she look ...
  • 5 ways to naturally boost your beauty (that are actually cost-free)

    With a huge selection of different cosmetic products these days, it‘s easy to get overwhelmed and spend more than you actually need on various beau...