Babe Universe is a trendy sustainable fashion brand that’s calling babes around the world to unite! Let's fight for ecology, self-love, empowerment of women, wellness and the unapologetic celebration of individuality together. LOVE YOURSELF + LOVE THE PLANET


"When I saw this #ethical & #sustainable T-shirt from Babe Universe (Babe On A Mission) I was in love. It describes me so well."

@pnemcova, Supermodel and Philanthropist

''Finally a T-shirt that truly gets me - and it's eco-conscious too!! As soon as I saw it I just KNEW I had to get one. Obsessed! Can I wear it everyday?"

@annetheresebengtsson, Founder, Role Model Management, San Francisco, California

"I absolutely adore my Babe Universe tee! It has the softest material and a super flattering but casual and timeless fit. It's definitely one of my go-to's. And it's the perfect present as well."

@janamaresa, Co-Founder, @thesegirlscom, Munich, Germany 

''At first I was hesitant to get the Babe Universe t-shirt thinking that the fact they are so eco-friendly would maybe make them not as durable as the average t-shirts. I mean I do care for the environment, but I want quality, too. Luckily, Babe Universe surprised me - no matter how much I wear their t-shirts (and living in Bali where it's hot and humid, I wear them A LOT), they still stay like new. Definitely recommend!''

@migerda, Founder, Makara Wear, Bali, Indonesia

"The quality of Babe Universe clothes is just amazing! It's the art of simplicity and minimalism in the comfiest way possible. Highly impressed. Kudos!"

@evergreen.foxy, Fashion Stylist, Bali, Indonesia

"Quality. Style. Simplicity. It's my favorite t-shirt and I wear it so often that even my husband says, "Hey, don't you have anything else to wear?". No lie! Will definitely buy again."

@rutelerutele, Make Up Artist, Lithuania


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